When we talk about safety as a priority at PKM, we’re not just paying lip service to the concept of safety. We work hard to make sure all of our policies and procedures are up to date and utilise the latest in information available. Our procedures and documentation are being constantly monitored to ensure best practice as a minimun standard.

We have a qualified safety officer on staff and our clients love our ability to create specialised safety documentation on the fly!

We have comprehensive SWMS for every type of work we undertake.

in addition to the SWMS we have SOPs or SWI’s for every conceivable task and piece of equipment.

Our WHS policy is not just a few lines on a page; it’s a comprehensive policy document detailing company policy, clearly identifying and assigning responsibilities and outlining procedures. It is written in simple language and is easy to follow. No need for excessive wordage 😉

Most importantly though, our safety documents are written to the way we work. Not the other way around, so our clients can be secure when they hire us that they are getting a best practice service.

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